Nandani Paliwal

Canbe aGeneralistat times

About Me

While focused on frontend development, Iā€™m adaptable and eager to learn new technologies and trends, embracing challenges to ensure project success in any role.

Nandani Paliwal


About Me

As a passionate frontend engineer, I craft smooth, user-centric experiences with visually appealing animations while staying updated on the latest industry trends.


Developing a flatmate matching marketplace using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and Zustand; established a scalable monorepo with Turborepo, reducing code duplicity by 30%, and set up Storybook, saving 40% development time and enhancing collaboration.


Developed a dynamic, responsive website for Softlancer using Next.js, SSR for SEO, and Tailwind CSS, with Framer Motion animations and Lenis Smooth Scroll for enhanced UX, improving page speed by 80%.


Developed using Next.js and TypeScript, with Framer Motion animations and Hashnode CMS, resulting in $350K sponsorship and significant performance and engagement improvements.


Designed and launched a responsive e-commerce website for Bath Fitting Solution, enhancing their online presence. Integrated SMTP for direct inbox messaging, boosting user engagement. Added a filter feature, reducing search time by 20%.


Developed a MERN stack platform for job applications with real-time tracking, RESTful APIs, secure authentication, and MongoDB, enhancing full-stack development and web security skills.


Selected as Lead for the inaugural Google Developer Student Club at BU from 400 candidates, orchestrating 50+ events with industry experts to enhance community learning and engagement.